Diplomacy and internatonal relations commitee

Diplomacy is regarded as an instrument for promoting international relations. New approach to international relations is peace studies which describes peace in wider meaning not only absence of war. In this case issues like sustainable and just peace emerges.

International relations trend has shifted from classic wars between states to conflicts and in 21st century we witness more small and major conflicts around the world. Emergence of non-state actors such as militias and terrorist groups are also other characteristics of this era which complicated negotiation and achieving peace. Peace and conflict resolution is an important approach to achieve peace. Absence of conflict resolution mechanisms in MENA region resulted to worsening situation there.

Salaam diplomacy committee will make efforts to introduce a new approach to diplomacy and IR and define it by using Salaam Model. In this regard holding scientific meetings, research projects and cooperation with international entities active in field of diplomacy is on committee agenda.