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Happiness for All
Salaam global conferance

Salaam global conferance

19 oct. 2018

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  • Happiness for All
    Happiness for All

    In these days of tension, violence, conflict, accidents, and endless conversations, one needs peace no matter where he is. He needs peace of mind and tranquility faraway from anxiety.

    We (natural and legal persons), men and women, young and old, organizations, institutions, corporations, private and governmental businesses join Salaam Global Society from all over the world to gain new experiences of "Salaam life" which brings us peace, security, wellness, trust, love, happiness and feelings of satisfaction.

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  • Our Purpose for Promoting Salaam
    Our Purpose for Promoting Salaam

    Today young generation seeks meaning in the life more than ever. Victorious people of the current generation look for the goal and inspiration in the life, these people while trying to find meaning in their lives help others to find meaning too.

    Salaam Global Foundation believes in the word "Salaam" which is the noble name of God and the key of communication and calls for promoting the concept of Salaam as a powerful instrument for peace, friendship, and love in the world.

  • Purpose of Cooperation
    Purpose of Cooperation

    We, businessmen, academics, organizations, institutions, companies, public and private businesses, NGOs and individuals joined Salaam Global Society to:

    1. Promote concept of "Salaam" as the most powerful word in the world
    2. Being active in building a bridge for cultural cooperation and introducing economic opportunity and human wellness
    3. Be effective by offering solutions to high-ranking authorities, Parliament, ministries, governmental agencies, municipalities and private sector to face economic, cultural, social and health problems and challenges

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"سلام " نام شریف خداوند است "الملک القدوس السلام المومن المهیمن" و کلید تنظیم ارتباطات، در این کلام نهاده شده است. مفهومی که به همراه خود صلح، امنیت، آرامش وسلامت را به ارمغان می آورد.