Salaam Global Foundation: advocate of peace, friendship and dialogue

15 October 2017
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Meeting on International Day of Peace was held by Salaam Global Foundation on 20 September 2017 in “Iran Industries Managers Association” conference hall.

In the beginning Dr. Alireza Moayyeri, Head of SGF Board of Trustees welcomed the participants and condolence on occasion of month of Muharram. He briefly explained foundation and its committee’s activities including youth committee and international relations and diplomacy committee and invited all civil society organizations and people to act “together for peace” which is theme of this year international day of peace.

In the following speakers delivered their interventions and then answered questions made by participants.

Kambiz Khosravi, as first speaker mentioned peace situation in the world and major role of elites in it and asked for realization of global peace.

Next speaker Ghasem Rahimi, Secretary General of Soldier of Peace House emphasized on role of veterans in anti-war movement in every country. He added what is more powerful today from anti-war movement is non-violence.

In the end Sadeghi delivered his speech and described Geographical Determinism role in peace and equilibrium among nations. He added that what leads to violence and war is absence of holistic view to human community and highlighting differences and crediting them.