UN Day 2017 meeting report

28 October 2017
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On 24 October 1945 UN Charter became effective after ratification by its signatories including 5 permanent members of UNSC. Since 1948 until now 24 of October is celebrated as UN Day.

On 26 October 2017 a meeting was held on this occasion in Salaam Global Foundation IRDC Office. In the beginning Dr. Alireza Moayyeri, Head of SGF Board of Trustees introduced the program and welcome the participants.

After introduction Ambassador Bagher Asadi, former Iran representative to UN made his speech. He mentioned UN and UNSC unjust structure and said interaction with it is necessary. He explained his article in International Studied Journal, on Dr. Javad Zarif memory book which contains important points in interaction with UN. He said achieving international consensus is important and Dialogue among Civilizations and WAVE Resolutions are two important achievements for Iran. He also added that after fall of Soviet Union a new era for norm and international consensus building began in level of heads of states on issues like human rights, social development and population and important conferences were held in Cairo, Vienna and Rio.

He said Rohingya crisis is result of OIC weakness and conflict among powerful countries in this organization. He also mentioned emergence of non state players in international arena.

Yasser Salimi, Vice-Chair of IRDC of SGF also mentioned points such as USA withdrawn from UNESCO. He also considered documents like SDG 2013 as human collective thinking result and affirmed that political completions should not harm these results.

Finally participants made their questions and comments and meeting finished by summarizing.